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Safety and Rules

Emergency Contact:

  • In the event of an emergency, parents should contact the main office at (717) 964-3121

  • In the event of an emergency at camp, we will contact each camper's family.



  • Homesickness is not uncommon. Our camp counselors and staff are trained to make the transition to camp as easy as possible

  • If there is a serious case of homesickness, the camper's family will be contacted


Visitation Policy:

  • Visits are discouraged, becuase the camp is developed to encourage independence and having fun in addition to education, which may be disrupted by visits


Swimming and Kayaking:

  • A lifeguard is present during swimming hours and a kayak instructor is present for all kayaking


Healthcare at camp:

  • We have certified medical staff consisting of Nurses and a cardiologist on site at all times in the case of emergencies

  • A fully-stocked, climate controlled infirmary is available on site 24/7


Prescription & Over the Counter Medication:

  • Our health care staff is able to administer all prescription and over the counter medications with the requirement of the following:

    • ​All medications sent to camp must be checked in at the front desk in the original prescribed container and listed on the medication form


Electronic Device Policy:

  • Cell Phones are prohibited during Camp LionHeart. All staff will have a cell phone on them at all times in the case of an emergency. 



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