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Ropes Course
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Heart Dissection
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Mountain Biking
Mountain Biking
Cream the Staff
Heart Dissections
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Cream the Staff
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Climbing Wall
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Nature Center
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Meeting Room
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Schreiber Haus
Camper Bathroom
Schreiber Haus
Camper Room

Welcome to Camp LionHeart! We are excited to offer this camp for local children that all have a cardiac medical condition in common. In order to attend, a registration form must be completed which includes a detailed a medical history form, a list of medications, and a physician's approval to participate in the camp. Parents must complete the forms made available below and submit them to Camp LionHeart prior to the deadline, June 1st, 2024

(Campers may be accepted after the deadline if the roster is not full.)  





Camp Check-In & Check-Out:



  • Check in starts at 3:00 PM on Sunday July 28th, 2024 at SchreiberHaus.

  • A room will be assigned to each camper and parents will accompany the camper to his/her assigned room to meet and talk with the camp counselors.

  • If someone other than a guardian listed is picking up the child at check-out, please inform the staff at check-in.

  • Medications must be checked in by the guardian.




Frequently Asked Questions:


  • How can I contact my camper?      

It is preferred that parents reach the children by writing handwritten letters.

A phone call is possible by calling the directors office.

  • Will there be someone with my camper at all times?        

Camp counselors will be on site 24/7

  • How will they take their medications?        

Nursing staff and physicians on site will be responsible for the storage and

dispursement of medications each day located at Bear's Den.

  • How much does it cost?        

This camp is free to Camp LionHeart campers thanks to multiple generous sponsors and donors each year.

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